This painting is perfect for a person who loves to spend some time in the snow.

Probably travelling to the North, or being in the mountains has given you an idea of winter sunsets.

These sunsets are well known also in Estonia.

With cold evenings and snowy roads. When red and orangey lights are reflected back from the trees and snow.  Breathing in that cold and crisp air.  Walking on snow you can feel like each snowflake is breaking like class breaks when you step on it.

Sometimes it can be so cold that you can’t walk outside. Then you need to take a car and drive around. You can see in the distance of approaching cars. They have that smoky haze because of the warmth. And that sunset light shines trough is incredibly beautiful.

If you don’t hesitate to have some winter vibes in your home then this painting is right for you. It will help to remain you to spend some time in the winter and snow.



Dimensions 60 × 50 cm