The bear is inspired by the story of how the photographer met a bear in nature.

I remember when I saw an article on the internet. The photographer explained how he was in a life-threatening situation. But it didn’t stop him using his camera.

For me, it was so fascinating how he explained everything so realistic. He had to make him look as tall and big is possible. To do lots of noise. Also to keep in mind to not look into bear eyes. With one hand doing all kind of movements to show out he is big and strong. And with second hand taking random pictures, hoping to get some photos.

This painting made me think, how rare it is that man and bear meets in the forest. For me, bears are very spiritual, smart and connected to nature type of animals. I knew that I want to paint a painting when the bear is looking into man eyes. I kept in mind doing those eyes. I wanted to put there inside curiosity, confidence and strength.

My idea is to show that there is out wild nature and wild animals. Even if we are changing, nature stays, strong and wild.

Dimensions 61.5 × 71.5 cm