This particular painting is inspired by a sunset in Australia. I’m sure that everyone has seen a sunset. Also, I think most of us have had a chance to see an epic sunset.

For me, epic means that sky is so red like it is on fire without real fire. So red like someone has dropped by accident red colour all over the sky.

It is so unique that you can’t turn away your head and you just keep watching.  Until sunsets and you still keep thinking of it.

This curtain colour combination is my favourite. Red, orange and pink gathered together with blue behind. This specific combination reveals the opposite colours what makes it so fabulous. Warm and cold contrast. Together they enhance one another.

The idea for flowers came by clovers. Beautiful shades of purples and blues. Mostly found in Europe, known as wildflowers. Mainly growing on meadows.

I love to combine two different kinds of nature in my mind. I find it playful to do so on canvas.

Dimensions 40 × 50 cm