Koi Fishes painting is inspired by my travels to Asia.

On the way, we stopped at Singapore Airport. At the airport we saw many ponds with Koi fishes. Some of those fishes were so big, that I couldn’t believe they were real fishes.

Those fishes were very curious. When you approached they immediately came to see you. Probably hoping to get feed. Some of them were resting and so calm. Some others were moving around like trying to find something. When I did take longer look, I liked how they communicated to each other. Letting the other fish know, that they are passing. Just by touching with the tale another fish body. I think they have their own language. Maybe they just get to know each other. Like us, when you live with someone, you do know them by seeing how they move.

This painting brings gentle movement in your home. The colourfull Koi Fishes are all different and rich in the paint.

Thanks to unique painting technique using fingers, the water looks like flowing on the canvas transmitting a peaceful feeling to the spectator.

Dimensions 107 × 93 cm