A little bit about my favourite flower in Australia.

Protea is the botanical name and the English common name of South African flowering plants, sometimes also called sugar bushes or fynbos.

Protea production in Western Australia began in the mid-1980s and peaked in the mid-1990s. Climate and soils were suitable to proteas and plantings were centred around Perth and Busselton.

First, time saw protea flower in Western Australia. I recently arrived and at the beginning, I wasn’t so sure about those flowers. Some of them looked like spider legs flowers and some of them really big ones like someone took a branch away from the tree.

Then came winter, and when spring arrived and all the flowers started to blossom on the coast I realised how incredibly beautiful are Proteas. Mainly because I had them in my back yard. Particularly this protea flower was the real queen of my garden. The most colourfull, largest and outstanding. It was soo big plant, that even lovely bunny family made their own home underneath. This spring felt for me like  ‘’Alice in Wonderland’’.

With this painting, I hope to bring colours to your home. Beauty and strength of wildflowers.

Dimensions 40 × 60 cm