The idea for painting ‘’Crop’’ is born from my travels to the hinterland in Australia.

I used to live in Gayndah for 3months. This little town is 2,5 hours towards the inland. You can notice that there is a lot of red sand, farmers land and lots of dry meadows.

What made this area so unique? How can be such a small place surrounded by wilderness look so beautiful? I never thought that I would be so much connected to isolated areas in Australia.

But the truth is that I think my connection to Australia is the strongest in those certain areas. Because they are away from big towns, tourists and nature areas it is.

The beauty of nature comes out in the simplest places. Large fields of crops, lonely and lost fruit stations, deep red sands.

With this painting, I wanted to keep alive my memories and respect to hinterland downs and people. To show the gratitude I have of the opportunities to visit such unique places in Australia.

Dimensions 50 × 40 cm