When I think of peacock I think of pride, noble and magic, time travels.
This painting is inspired by birds, which looks to me to be connected to other reality.

I remember that feeling when I was painting. I was surprised by the flow I felt. It was very easy to understand how I need to paint it. It just like happened. I do believe that some paintings have to born to this world and this one seems to be the one.

It seems, that it remains to us that there is still mystic around of us, even if we may not see it. Maybe we should see animals more like messengers. Telling us that little moments in our life may contain more importance than we realize.

Like a moment, when you get the feeling that you need to do something. You can’t explain why, but you just know.

I think this is magic in our everyday lives. This painting thought me that. I hope it will bring some magic for you.

Dimensions 50 × 60 cm