The fall is inspired by Estonian autumn.
That day, when my partner took a photo of the forest was a perfect autumn day.

Perfect, because it was still warm. It was just the beginning of September and it is well known for warm weather and longer days. But leaves have turned already yellowish. Lots of them were falling, especially when the wind was touching the trees.

When the wind was ruffling the trees you can hear this magical sound. When leaves, light like feathers, are touching each other, it sounds so soft but loud.  Looks like someone is whispering. And whisper can be loud in a quiet room.

So just for a moment, stay quiet and look at this painting. Can you hear the leaves falling?

With this painting, you can enjoy the movement of the leaves. The ruff texture will bring some of the leaves closer than others. Top of the trees will give you a perspective of tall trees.

Dimensions 60 × 50 cm