Painting of poppies is inspired by my deep passion for fields.

I do love different kind of fields, but with flowers are one of my favourites.

When it comes to Poppies, I do have deeper connection with those flowers. I used to spend all my summers at my grandmom’s place. And every summer she had those poppies over her garden. Those flowers remind me summer, breeze, fresh air and the surrounding of nature.

There was that special summer 2015 before I came to Australia. We had relatives a lovely summer day. We did pic-nick in the garden. Had a great time together. It was bit goodbye day too. So we made many photos, and I remember clearly doing photos with poppies. I was sitting in the garden, surrounded by poppies. We took great photos. I did have a white dress and all those red flowers where so the opposite colour of my dress. I loved it.

I hope to share with this painting my beautiful memory. I wish to bring summer to your home.

Dimensions 41 × 40 cm